Apple just approved our iOS App of the classroom. Now you can take home and view all the inkscape videos we have in our classroom without any internet! Learn at your own pace, on your own time, on your own device.

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These lessons are geared towards the beginner out there who really doesn't know where to start when it comes to using this program. These lessons will not make you experts in Inkscape it will only provide you with more tools when it comes to designing your own patterns.

What you can expect from some of the various lessons will be to complete simple tasks like tracing an image, creating shadow backgrounds, creating a blackout effect, & more.

Inkscape is a FREE program and can be downloaded through

Videos in this app...

Welcome to the Course!
The Basics
>>> Where do you download inkscape?
>>> Basic Selection, Sizing, & Rotating
>>> Using Outline View to Help See Shapes
Text Features
>>> Using Text, Changing Fonts, and Welding Text
>>> Text Around A Circle
>>> Warp Text using Path Effects
>>> Adding Shadow Effect to Text
>>> Monogram It App
>>> Tracing the Monogram & Saving it as SVG
>>> Adding Shadow Layer to Monogram
>>> Shadow Blackout Feature for Monogram
Samantha Fonts
>>> Where to Purchase Samantha Font
>>> Utilizing Samantha Fonts in Inkscape with BabelMap (Windows Users)
Inkscape Alternatives
>>> Why is Sure Cuts A Lot an Alternative to Inkscape?
>>> Why is Make the Cut an Alternative to Inkscape?