I hear this many times "that Inkscape is just too hard for me to learn." Most crafters will tend to gravitate towards this program because it's FREE and they want the freedom to design their own SVG files. Well here are some things that you have to keep in mind.

1. Inkscape was created for graphic designers

2. Inkscape can be overwhelming when you see all those tools

3. Mac users will have to go an extra step with downloading Quartz

Never Fear there are other programs out there that are much easier to use that ARE DESIGNED FOR CRAFTERS! Bottom line if you are not having success with Inkscape you may want to end the headaches and go with a program. How much is your headache worth? After looking at both videos if you would still like to continue with your Inkscape decision then you should take our Video Course - Inkscape 4 Crafters or Download Our iOS App for Inkscape

1. Sure Cuts A Lot 4 ($59.99 USD)

Download the Trial Today and Follow Along With Our Video

2. Make the Cut Software ($79.95 USD)

Download Make the Cut Today and Follow Along With the Video