So as you know ScrappyDew has been around since 2009. When starting we really didn't know where to start or what to do. Now after being in the business for so long we have used/seen a lot of things that we wish we would have known about back then. There's a lot out there to make your life easier and we would like to share some of our experiences as well as others in the industry. Learn from failures and implement some of the successes.

Can I run a business from a blog?

Do I have to have my own domain?

What is a domain?

How can I deliver digital goods?

How do I keep track of orders?

Payment Handling?

How do I keep track of Email Support?

There are so many questions that we had when we first started with this and we would like to share.

Right now we are just seeing if any of this would be an interest in learning more about via live webinars/video series. The focus of this would be creating an online crafting business for digital or physical goods.