Troubleshooting Your SVG You Created

A Guide to troubleshooting blank SVGs

in Inkscape
Check the Outline View by selecting View>Display mode>Outline
to see if it looks like what you want to cut

If the Outline View does not show as expected then...
If you imported a bitmap (jpg, png, bmp, gif, etc.) did you auto trace it?
If not, select it, then Path>Trace Bitmap
If you auto traced, did you delete the bitmap version, and not the vector version. (You will see a red x in outline mode if you accidentally deleted the vector copy)
Did you convert text into objects?
If not, select text then Path>Object to Path

If the Outline View does show as expected
Have you ungrouped everything?
If not then select all then Object>Ungroup repeatedly until the message at bottom of screen says there are no objects to ungroup.
(You can use Path>Combine but SCAL doesn't like Grouping)

If none of that works then
-Double check that the file you imported was really an SVG. Check this (and prevent future occurrences) by not selecting "All Files" in the file type menu of the Import dialog box.
-Make sure all objects are within the page boundaries. (Press 4 or View>Zoom>Drawing to check for stray objects or parts of the image that extend past the page boundaries.)
-Make sure that all shapes are converted to paths (select each shape, then Path>Object to Path)
-Make sure the image is made up of closed paths, Inkscape can not cut lines, per se.
-Resave the document as Plain SVG (as opposed to Inkscape SVG)
-Select all, then copy, then open a new document and paste.

-Select all then change the colors (click the color bar at the bottom of the screen).