Design Space 3 Early Bird Bundle

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This is an early bird special pricing. If you're new to design space or an experienced veteran you should take advantage of this as you may find things out that you didn't know.


This package comes with

CRICUT DESIGN SPACE 3 Course ($35 Value)


Cricut Newbies Webinar ($5 Value)

Cricut Newbie SVG Edition Webinar ($10 Value)

Welcome the Beginners Course for Cricut Explore Users with Design Space Version 3.

ScrappyDew has put together several videos that are important for those wanting to learn a little more about their machine. Although Cricut Design Space is made for simplicity, there are several great hidden features built within the program. Throughout the course, we start you out with the basic foundation of the program and the machine. We then take what we have learned in previous videos and apply them in real world scenarios.

So why watch these through ScrappyDew's Classroom? This is a question that is asked a lot and here's the bottom line.

All of our videos are...

Short & Concise - Many YouTube video presenters have a hard time staying focused and on task. We value your time and provide you with the proper amount of video in order to meet the objectives.

No Ads or Distractions - Have you ever had to wait for a video to play on YouTube due to an Ad?

Arranged in an order that makes sense - On YouTube you will randomly search and hope that you find what you need.

End of video commenting - Do you request feedback on a certain topic? Ask it at the bottom of every video. Your comments will only be seen to registered students.

Design Space Changes - When the layout of design space changes so will our videos. We recognize that it can be frustrating when watching old YouTube videos. The reason why YouTubers keep up outdated material is because they are still getting YouTube hits and recognition. What this creates is a frustrated user when they are trying to compare what they are seeing in the video to their own newer updated version of Design Space.

HD Video and Professional Audio Recording Equipment were used - Have you ever watched a video and the sound just wasn't up to par? That really makes for a bad video/learning experience. We ensured that we have quality microphones in a background noise free zone (no kids or barking dogs). Having the ability to record in 1920 x 1080 will ensure that you can see every click.


Make it Now Projects

Image Uploading

More Lessons to be added...

We have many more videos that we plan on releasing to make this course a complete set. Basically, if you see it in Cricut Design Space we will demonstrate the function and how you can use it.

Courses Included with Purchase

Cricut Explore Newbies - SVG Edition
Rob from ScrappyDew
Cricut Explore Newbies - Common Newbie Question and Answer Session
Rob from ScrappyDew
Beginners Course for Cricut Design Space 3.0
Rob from ScrappyDew
Learn Cricut Design Space iOS Edition
Rob from ScrappyDew

Original Price: $65

Class Curriculum

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